drizzt wrote:
> Hi all !
> This is a long post, replying to many previous posts, and adding some parts
> from IRC chats, and some even from discussions with Gimp developers.


Long it was, for sure. Sorry but if you don't want the GIMP UI to evolve
and change, don't upgrade to new versions.

Basic rules of interaction design applies to both open source and
commercial projects. Now, open source and commercial projects can have
completely different goals, and often have, but basic rules of
interaction design still applies. With all due respect it to me sounds
like you have not looked into interaction design at all and is just
ranting based on your highly personal preferences. Looking into the
world of interaction design will give you valuable insights. I recommend
you to read the book "The Inmates Are Running the Asylum" by Alan
Cooper. It is not a handbook on how to design interactive systems, but
more of an eye-opener of what's wrong with todays products and processes
as far as interaction design goes. In that book he addresses a lot of
the points you are making.

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