2009/3/22 peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net>:
> Sven wrote:
>>> bummer about the non-standard, but would industrial-strength TIFF
>>> in and export not be significantly more in line with our product
>>> vision than industrial-strength pdf in and export?
>> Depends on what gets used nowadays. If professionals are turning away
>> from TIFF and start to adopt PDF instead, then PDF support would be
>> more
>> in line with our product vision.
> when I wrote the previous message I already knew that this is the
> only counter-argument that I was going to accept.
> so now we really need some trend spotting from those in our community
> who deal with serious printing jobs.

I often use GIMP as a part of my work flow - but almost never for
preparing the final artwork for submission to the printing company -
mainly due to the aforementioned lack of CMYK color space.

Only ~1% of my PDF files submitted to printing companies are 100%
raster.  PDF seems (to me) to be gaining ground against formats like
TIFF, but it's not a "standard" yet (for raster images anyway).  On
one hand, TIFF is still more widely accepted than PDF.  On the other
hand, PDF is well documented.  On the gripping hand, neither format is
useful for print jobs without the CMYK color space - which I know is
somewhat arbitrary, but many printing companies expect files in CMYK.
If I have a choice, I use TIFF or PNG for raster pre-press images -
but it might be wise to look to the future: PDF format has options
(like crop area and bleed) that are useful to printers and the format
seems to be slowly catching up to the "standards" (at least in my
experience over the past few years in the US).

> and when then moving forward with pdf, we should keep in mind
> what a GIMP document actually is: a single canvas/image
> (please do not mention the animation hacks we have...)

You and I are in 100% agreement on this point ;)

So to recap, I would welcome a printer-friendly PDF export if someone
wants to work on it, though without CMYK support built-in it's not
very useful just yet.  From what I understand though, once GEGL
integration is complete, any plugin could be refactored or rewritten
to use higher bit depth and other color spaces.

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