On Sat, 2009-03-21 at 21:36 +0200, LightningIsMyName wrote:

> I believe that we should have the option to export multi-paged PDFs,
> since we have the option to import them, and to me it makes sense that
> we should be able to export what we can import.

The whole point of calling it "Import" is to make clear that you can't
save this again.

> Gimp may not be a
> page-layout program, yet doing multi-paged PDFs isn't too hard, and
> won't hurt anyone...

Of course it would hurt. It binds development resources for creating and
maintaining it. If a feature does not fit with our product vision, then
we are not going to include it.

Doing multi-page PDF export simply because we can do it is not going to
happen. What we need here is a user story. Without that, it doesn't make
sense to discuss PDF export at all.

> And about what you said on page layout tools, there is some sense in
> what you said. Therfore, I think it would be indeed simpler to ignore
> paths untill gimp has vector layers, since these aren't the main point
> of the PDF plugin. The only feature I believe that is necessary, is to
> draw single-colored rectangles as drawing and not as bitmap-images
> (Imagine a background layer for a large scale image - a bitmap image
> can be a big waist of memory).

I don't understand why that is needed. What is our goal here? To create
PDF files as small as possible? IMO the goal for PDF export should be to
improve support for professional printing. File size is not important
for that. Paths are also not important for that. If people need vector
art, then they should use a vector editor. What matters is color
profiles, CMYK color separation in the export process, support for spot
colors, crop marks, ...

As I said already, we can't discuss the details unless we know what the
goals are. So we need to have one or more user stories for PDF export
first. And we need to check these against our product vision to see if
they are worth supporting.


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