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   Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 23:18:23 +0100

   On Mon, 2009-03-23 at 17:51 -0400, Andrew A. Gill wrote:

   > I do work in the printing industry, and I can tell you that 
   > output is still CMYK, and will remain CMYK for at least the next 
   > few years. 

   Output, yes, of course. But where in this process do you actually
   edit an image in CMYK? I don't mean converting it to CMYK to get it
   printed.  I mean actual editing after the conversion. Could you
   give us some examples of where that is needed?

The most obvious example to me (and this has been discussed wrt
Gutenprint and other printer drivers) is to allow printing "text
black" -- text (or similar) that should be printed with black ink,
which is usually more crisp than composite.

This is essentially a special case of a spot color.  An alternative
would be RGB+K.

My sense is that this should not be a very high priority for GIMP --
we never got around to implementing it and nobody has complained.  But
it is one possible use case for CMYK (although I think RGB+K would be
a better input space for it, anyway -- and if you're going to do that,
you might just as well generalize the spot color support).

When people do send CMYK data to Gutenprint, the large majority of the
time it's either because they don't really understand what CMYK is
(it's very device and media specific) or because we have a problem
with the GCR parameters (or some other parameter problem) for a
particular printer and CUPS's default RGB->CMYK conversion happens to
work better.

Personally, I would *much* rather see development effort go into high
bit depth support (which will do a lot of people a lot of good right
away) than CMYK editing support.  But, that's just my take.

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