Here is a suggestion UI project for training purpose:

Right now, in GEGL, you have access to the whole 2-parameter family of
cubic splines for resampling, as well as bilinear.

Pick three representatives, say Catmull-Rom ("lots" of halo),
smoothing B-Splines ("lots" of blur) and bilinear ("lots" of jaggies).

(Instead of bilinear you could use nohalo a.k.a. gegl-sampler-sharp.c.)

If you want to stick to what's already in the Gimp you could use
lanczos, cubic and bilinear.

Now: Any location within a triangle defines barycentric coordinates,
which in term define a "blending" of the three methods.

Construct an interface which mimicks

except that instead of using it as a descriptive tool, we use it as a
way of "picking your blend of poison."

Now, I don't know how attractive it is to ask people to pick a method
by focusing on their weaknesses, but it certainly is a realistic way.

Also note that this interface would allow one to drive any triad of
resampling methods which can be compared and characterized in terms of
the three common artifacts.

Nicolas Robidoux
Laurentian University

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