David Gowers schrieb:
>> gradation map  - nearly the same: map image points to positions in the 
>> gradient
> Yahvuu, you probably need to clarify: how is this different from
> Colors->Map->Gradient Map?

sorry for the misspelling. Exactly Colors->Map->Gradient Map is what i meant.
Here again, a balance between emphasizing certain photo areas
and adjusting the global tone is desired.

>> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 4:12 AM, yahvuu wrote:
>>>                   - if tones are getting compressed, better control of 
>>> where the
>>>                     clipping happens (separately for each of R,G,B, Value)
> Better? We already have exact control of clipping for each of
> R,G,B,Value , so do you mean a change in the quality of clipping
> control? I think this needs to be more specific

Indeed, clipping is under full control right now. Applying the on-canvas idea,
it's interface could be supplemented by marking the border between important
image regions and those regions which can be color-clipped without regret.

More useful would be augmented feedback:
- how harsh does the clipping start?
- which details get lost?
- is one of R,G,B clipping early?
Something more advanced than letting the clipped pixels blink could
be interesting here.

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