Hi GIMP Developers,

I am a longtime GIMP fan, and I am highly disappointed with the Version 6.6
UI.  One thing I have always enjoyed about this program is the fact it was not
like Photoshop, because I could multitask with other programs (I could be
searching for other pictures in the background in the Windoze file explorer),
minimize what I wanted, detach windows whenever I wanted (veery nice), and
resize the brush in the Brush Editor on will, and minimize it when I needed.

Now I can't do those things, and it looks like Photoshop.  I find it
irritating now that I've got keep the Brush Editor open all the time and it
resets its size whenever I re-open it.  I find the new Navigator tool
disorienting to use, and I can't be as precise either when I need to go to the
exact pixel on the corner because the thing moves.  I also don't like not
having control over my windows anymore.  The GIMP has taught me how to think
creatively in the past and now I'm afraid I can't do that so much anymore
since I have no control over how I want to arrange things, and I thought
that's what Open Source is all about.

Please restore the GIMP UI to its natural, pre-2.6.6 state, or give us
classic users the choice to move back and forth between the single-window or
multi-window UI.  Most of all keep GIMP the GIMP, and stop this Photoshop
wannabe nonsense, or I'm afraid I will be switching to another program.


Sue (via www.gimpusers.com)
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