Sue wrote:
> I am a longtime GIMP fan, and I am highly disappointed with the Version 6.6
> UI.


To make GIMP 2.6 behave as GIMP 2.4 as far as window management goes 
which as far as I can tell would address many of your complaints, go to 
'Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management' and change the hints for both 
'Hint for toolbox' and 'Hint for other docks' to 'Normal window' and 
then restart GIMP.

I would also like to point out that your assumption that we want to be 
as different from Photoshop as possible is wrong. What Photoshop does 
and how is mostly irrelevant to us, we simply want to make GIMP as good 
as possible, and we can't make GIMP better if we don't allow ourselves 
to make changes. I suggest you stop with your Photoshop-based 
argumentation and instead focuses on GIMP itself.

 / Martin
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