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> Hi GIMP Developers,
> I am a longtime GIMP fan, and I am highly disappointed with the Version 6.6
> UI.  One thing I have always enjoyed about this program is the fact it was not
> like Photoshop, because I could multitask with other programs (I could be
> searching for other pictures in the background in the Windoze file explorer),
> minimize what I wanted, detach windows whenever I wanted (veery nice), and
> resize the brush in the Brush Editor on will, and minimize it when I needed.
> Now I can't do those things, and it looks like Photoshop.  I find it
> irritating now that I've got keep the Brush Editor open all the time and it
If you just use the Brush editor to resize the brush, I suggest you
begin using the Brush Scale slider in the tool options instead; It's
probably faster.

> resets its size whenever I re-open it.  I find the new Navigator tool
> disorienting to use, and I can't be as precise either when I need to go to the
> exact pixel on the corner because the thing moves.  I also don't like not
> having control over my windows anymore.

Not having control over your windows is not caused by GIMP. I
certainly have all the control over GIMP windows I need, and
individual dockable windows keep their size and position as you seem
to desire.
Of course, if you close a dockable, you are saying 'throw away all
information about this dockable', so in that case, naturally when you
open a dockable of the same kind, it is simply put in a default
position and size.
However, with the various systems (which have been there  before 2.0
even), like TAB and F11, you should usually not ever need to close a
dockable. Especially if you dock them together to form a joined window
or a set of tabs.

Also, you might be thinking of the change of a default preference,
which effects whether dockables are shown on top of all other windows.
This change occurred somewhere after 2.4, I think. Anyway it does not
impede you -- just change the preference back.

GIMP 2.6 is also not single-window. It's a minimum of two windows
(image window + toolbox), and can be much more according to how many
images you open at once or dockables you open.
There are plans to allow a full single-window interface, however this
behaviour is
a) not implemented yet... at all, really
b) intended to be completely optional, allowing you to use either a
single or multi-window setup according to your preference.
c) not ever going to be Window-inside-Window as some people claim to
want. Some people even perceive 2.6 to be Window-inside-Window, but
it's not (as demonstrated eg. when you move the toolbox)

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