peter sikking wrote:
> Chris Mohler wrote:

>>  I would
>> also manually "choke" the white plate - this means making the white
>> areas a point or two smaller than the colored areas, thereby
>> preventing the white from poking out at the edges of the colored
>> areas.
> this looks like trapping to me. is there a difference?
> trapping set-up for each plate would be in the projection set-up.

Note that "trapping" has two meanings in the printing world.

One relates to the way the inks stick to what it's being printed
over :- ie. if one plate printed on paper achieves 100% trap (coverage),
then when it's printed on top of a previous plate it might
have 90% trap because it doesn't stick as well to ink as paper, etc.

The other relates to "choke and spread", used to create
plate alignment (registration) tolerance.

Graeme Gill.
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