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> guys,
> the second part of my lgm talk is blogged now:
> <http://www.mmiworks.net/eng/publications/2009/06/gimp-squaring-cmyk-circle.html
> >
> enjoy,

I do appreciate your work on this, but I have to say that I still 
have some concerns.

I have to go somewhere, so I haven't read evreything 
yet, but I'd like to make this point.  Converting from CMYK to 
RGB and vice versa are not lossless by a long shot.  This is by 
necessity and the fact that GEGL is non-destructive has nothing 
to do with it, since large porions of image data will have to be 
tossed when converting.

The gamut for RGB is far larger in the bright colors, and CMYK 
can produce effects that cannot be produced in RGB.

See, for example: 

I am very concerned that your overlay concept would simply 
degrade the image over successive conversions.

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