On Saturday 20 June 2009 09:40:22 am Daniel Hornung wrote:
> Hello Martin!
> On Saturday 20 June 2009, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> > It seems to me you completely misunderstood the whole thing. What makes
> > you think there is any CMYK -> RGB conversion involved here?
> >
> >  / Martin
> I think Andrew referred to this part from Peter's article:
> > what about CMYK files?
> >
> > When a received CMYK file is to be used in new creative work, we already
> > saw that ‘it needs to be imported and converted to RGB.’

And I am not sure that this is the correct approach.  Why would this be 
needed?  Is this so that we can deal with GIMPs limited functionality to 
handle anything beyond RGB color spaces?  If so then the focus should be on 
supporting other color spaces directly.  

I also have not any anything in the thread related to how color management 
fits.   After all how do you create the printer specific separations from an 
RGB (or other non-device specific) image into the correct device values 
without involving the color management engine?

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