Nicolas Robidoux schrieb:
> I don't think that using the word "rendering" in a menu will be
> self-explanatory for non-sophisticated users when used in a "save"
> context.

oh yes, indeed. 'Creating full resolution...' is probably less suspicious
but won't solve the problem. The ugly part is that the save/render distinction
shows up untimely.

> I am not sure that I have a better suggestion. "Save workspace" vs
> "Save image"?

That is an interesting alternative. "Save workspace" is expected to
be a lightweight command and addresses the problem of quickly
interrupting a GIMP session. However, the save-work vs. render-image
problem will show up after the command has been applied:
shall all images be marked as clean although they haven't been 'fully' saved?

Another alternative is to go with lazy rendering and introduce
a 'finalize image' command that optionally renders to full resolution.
This way, the save/render distinction won't show up until it is really
desired by the user.

The additional command may be required anyway as a means to reduce file
size by dropping some non-destructiveness. See last image in


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