The spec is here:

Quick version:
The default export path needs a settings switch for whether the original file 
path (number 3) is higher-priority than the most-recently-used paths (numbers 1 
and 2).  This would support the use-case where input and output files are 
associated by directory, but you may open multiple input files at once.

Detailed version:
My photo-storage hierarchy looks like .../photos/(date)/(filenames).
Whenever I modify an image, I save it to .../photos/(date)/pp/(original 
filename) — "pp" means "post-processed"

Now, I open two images in gimp from different dates using my image viewer.  I 
edit them, and then try to save them.  The first one works fine.  When I go to 
save the second file, however, I end up (by default) in a directory associated 
with the first file.  Furthermore, because I was in the image viewer (and not 
the command line), I often have _no idea_ what the directory is that I now need 
to manually navigate to.

In the case where I open a couple (>=3) images in a row from different 
directories, this means that I have to re-find the images in the image viewer, 
mentally remember the directory names, then manually navigate to the 
directories in the export dialog.  Suffice it to say, this is more of a 
roadblock than a workflow.

On the other hand, there are other situations where I want all the photos to 
up in one place.  For instance, when I post-process photos for a blog post, 
will all end up in .../photos/pblog/(year-month)/(post title)/ .  Thus, it 
like both ways of handling this default ([1, 2, 3] priority as well as [3, 1, 
priority) are viable and useful.  This is why I suggest having a setting to 
switch between the behaviors.


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