Am Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009 schrub Omari Stephens:


> Thus, it seems like both ways of handling this default ([1, 2,
> 3] priority as well as [3, 1, 2] priority) are viable and useful.  This is
> why I suggest having a setting to switch between the behaviors.

What about providing some kind of pre-populated drop down box in the export 
dialog with both alternatives, so you can quickly select one of those or just 
use the dialog the way it currently works.

The box could be filled like this:

<last used directory>
<associated directory>
<last (say) 5 directories other than the two above>

If you select either one of the first two entries, that one becomes the 
default in subsequent exports. So if GIMP ships with <last used directory> and 
you export to <associated directory>, the next time you open the dialog it 
will default to <associated directory>.

To make the whole thing unobtrusive it could be reduced to a little triangle 
next to the path at the top of the dialog which gives the list when clicked. 
Well, I guess that's the way drop down boxes work. :-)

I hope this makes some kind of sense.


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