Omari Stephens wrote:

> UI powers that be: any ideas/status on this?

having thought about it quite a bit, here are some jots:

as Omari pointed out himself, it is a tug of war of different
use cases and it depends on what just happens to be worked on,
what the right default is for any given user. what is right
may change a couple of times per hour of use.

any solution can only be in the Export file-dialog, I agree on that
with Tobias and other people who discussed this on irc.

I would like to have had some widgets in the file dialog that
not only navigated to alternative destination folders
(of imported file when there is one at all, of saved xcf if
there is one at all, does not need to be the case, right?) but also
set that as the 'default destination policy override'.

but it is impossible/the hack of the month to put widgets in
a gtk file dialog I was told. and I do not think it is worth it,
the hack of the month.

so the next best thing is for GIMP to populate the Places column
(also used in the 'Save in folder' pop-up), with:

dir of of the imported file that started this file (when there is one);
dir of last saved xcf of this file (when there is one)
last 5 dirs exported to (hell why not)

now I would like to know how these (dynamically) added Places
turn out in the dialog. then we can talk about 5 last dirs for Save...


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