I added a comment to a png image and pressed Save. I was averted to the 
fact it failed by the fact it was too quick (a fairly large file).

On repeating the save to see what happened I caught a glimpse of a 
subliminally fast message at the bottom off the screen. I repeated again 
to have time to read it.

Basically it told me it was not saving because there were no changes.

I see several problems here:

1/ the most obvious is that there was a change but because it was to the 
comment and not the image it was not picked up.

2/ there is no way to save "save it anyway, trust me!"

3/ the noticability here is way too small, had it not been for the fact 
I knew it had not had time to save the file I would have missed and 
sent my file without the copyright notice I believed I had just added 
and saved.

possible remedies:

1/ make sure whatever code detects changes looks at all aspects of the 
file not just the image bitmap.

2/3/ if Gimp is going to disobey orders it had better say so loud and 
clear and give me an over-ride option. Either I'm making a mistake and 
need to know or gimp is making a mistake ... and I need to know.

This presumably is supposed to avoid possibly lengthy save operations 
that are not needed. This IMHO is wrong thinking. If I made a slip, be 
it on my head, I'll have to wait a few seconds and pay more attention in 
the future. No harm done.

It is also possible I have several image open and that I am not saving 
the image I think I'm saving. Again I need to know. I probably failed to 
  save image I intended.

This is all compounded by the obscurity of the message. Eye focus is in 
the middle of the screen and the message was too quick and away from my 
centre of attention.

I believe this should be a "Cancel/Save anyway" message box. I know 
there is a trend to reduce this sort of thing but saving an unchanged 
image is not part of normal work flow and so it's occurance itself 
indicates a user error that needs to be flagged, not ignored rather quietly.

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