Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 2009-07-24 at 11:48 +0200, gg wrote:
>> I added a comment to a png image and pressed Save. I was averted to the 
>> fact it failed by the fact it was too quick (a fairly large file).
>> On repeating the save to see what happened I caught a glimpse of a 
>> subliminally fast message at the bottom off the screen. I repeated again 
>> to have time to read it.
>> Basically it told me it was not saving because there were no changes.
> That's simply a bug then. Changing an image parasite should mark it as
> dirty. Please file a bug-report for this.

As gg was trying to point out, I think there is a more fundamental problem here 
with how GIMP reports feedback.  A message that is "subliminally fast" is no 
message at all.  At the very least, a message to the user should be visible for 
at least long enough for it to be read in its entirety (or the user should be 
able to go somewhere to read the message in its entirety).

I just discovered that when I import an image from a Nikon raw file, the 
to" menu item shows up as "Export to 300_1234.NEF".  Of course, this is bogus, 
because GIMP doesn't have a NEF export plugin.  Even worse, though, is that 
I click the menu item, _there is no feedback_.  As gg mentioned, the real 
problem here is not that GIMP does not do what you tell it to, but rather that 
it ignores your command and _doesn't tell you that it did_.

More specifically, once I hit Ctrl+E and see the status message not saying 
anything about exporting, I expect the file to have been saved.  If GIMP thinks 
there were no changes, it should say "no changes to save" in a way that is 
visible, easy to notice, and easy to read.  If GIMP failed to save because 
there's no actual export plugin for the default export filename, it should say 
that too.  Just playing the silent game is not an option.

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