On Fri, 2009-07-31 at 15:12 +1000, Roman Joost wrote:

> I could and the patch provided by that bug adds a custom
> 'property-changed' signal. Sven and Mitch thought, if I inherit from
> XMPModel, I wouldn't really need the 'property-changed' signal, because
> I'd be able to control the 'property-changed' signal. That is true, but
> maybe I wasn't clear enough saying, that I want to distinguish if a
> schema or a property changed by using different signals.

Nothing keeps you from adding more signals to your derived class. You
can easily emit more detailed signals from the 'row_changed' handler in
your class.

What's probably even better than a plain 'property-changed' signal is
one that has a detail that identifies the property. Then code can
subscribe to 'property-changed' to get notified about any property
changes and your entry, which is probably just interested in a special
property, let's call it 'foo', would subscribe to
'property-changed::foo'. See
for more information on the detail argument.


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