I wasn't sure if I should bring up this discussion on the mailing list
or better on the bug report

I think it could be useful to subscribe to events emited by the XMPModel
(although other people know something I don't know). The old XMPModel
used a treestore to store property and schema data. My current work
version inherits from GtkTreeStore.

There are two things which happen to the treemodel: a property or a
schema could be set. If I'm subscribing to the row-changed event only, I
have to figure out in my callback what has changed: a property or a
schema. By using two different signals, it would be more explicit what
was changed.

I'm working on another patch, which uses custom entry fields which
"monitor" one property in the XMPModel. Currently they're subscribed to
the 'row-changed' event in the XMPModel, which makes it hard to figure
out if the change belongs to the Entry or not. If I could subscribe to a
'property-changed' event, I still have to figure out which property has
changed, but don't have to figure out *if a property* has been changed.
That would make life easier.

Now - as I said - maybe I missed something, but I'm keen to learn :)

Roman Joost
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