Dear GIMP developers,

i am a artist of the TORCS-NG racing game project. 
TORCS-NG is the active development fork of the famous open source 3D
racing game TORCS. 

In the past the TORCS-NG team startet creating virtual brands for car-
and track design. 
I proposed to feature open source projects we (the TORCS-NG team) love. 

We like to feature GIMP as a panel at the border of a track or a car
skin too. 
So we like to get the permission to do so and we like to know what 
kind of license the GIMP logo has (the artwork must be distrubuted as
CC/ Free Art License).

We created a small gallery so you can imagine what TORCS-NG will be. 
Here you find examples of car skins:

Best regards.
Eckhard M. Jäger


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