Hi all,

here's an idea how icons for layer modes could look like:

The icons provide a color-coded overview of how blending affect brightness:
- blue:  reduced brightness
- green: neutral, brightness unchanged
- red:   increased brightness

Technically, these are diagrams where the x-axis is the bottom layer brightness
and the y-axis denotes the top layer brightness. The brightness difference 
by the blending operation is then color-coded as described above.
The full explanation is available at:

At a glance, it can be seen which group a layer mode belongs to:
- darken:     only blueish and greenish colors
- brighten:   only yellow/red and green
- contrast    both red and blue

At a second glance, the neutral value (if existent) for the top layer
can be read out, that is a horizontal green line in the icon:
- green line at top:     n = 255   e.g. burn
-    "       at middle:  n = 127   e.g. hardlight
-    "       at bottom:  n = 0     e.g. screen

Complementary pairs like dodge/burn show up as icons rotated by 180 degrees
with inverted color code, i.e. swapped red<->blue colors.

(dissolve and the 'channel modes' color, saturation, hue and value are of
 a different kind)

the reason for re-grouping is explained here:

and a preliminary patch is also available:

makes sense to anyone?


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