so after writing in my last mail:

layer mode sets the mathematical operation

and seeing that the user requests for layer modes are not exactly
streaming in, I was thinking during cooking: "I should have a look at
again, and look for really different heat maps (you know yahvuu, they
are good for that) and math formulas with discontinuities."

actually a question for peter (yahvuu): how complete is this overview?
(I think "negation is looking for a mate, purely on symmetry grounds)
lots of insights how current modes work, btw.

so after an entertaining hour of map spotting, what have I learned?

first, I know now why our Darken section is one Shorter that our
Lighten one: we are missing "subtractive" (that needs a name not
soooo close to our Subtract).

then looking for interesting heat maps, with the overview much
reduced (@18%) to find the really different modes.

well, "vividlight" looks interesting and different.
then there are quite a few modes that don't do much or not that
different from what we have.

"freeze, heat, reflect & glow" seem to come as one package.
but then "glow" seems to really 'do what it says on the tin'
and may be a worthy addition just on its own.

that's it really what I could fish out:
"subtractive", "vividlight" + "glow"


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