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On 10/01/2009 07:46 PM, peter sikking wrote:
meanwhile, can the overlay thing be repaired file-backward- compatible?

If you refer to the Overlay layer mode being different when using GEGL
compositing compared to legacy compositing, then yes I'm sure it's
repairable, and we don't have much choice but to fix it
somehow. Probably by having a "legacy compositing mode" also when
using GEGL. Making GIMP 2.6 XCF files not openable in GIMP 2.8 isn't
an alternative.

what I mean is that right now (2.6) when overlay is chosen, soft light
is executed.

I think we should have in 2.8 a working overlay mode (also for
legacy compositing). I think the following plan can technically
work and is usable:

- overlay gets repaired and assigned new mode enumeration number

- when any old gimp file is opened and an old overlay mode is encountered,
  soft light is substituted as the layer mode, also in the UI. this sub
  does not mark the gimp file as dirty (changed).

this means old files display the same as before.


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