peter (yahvuu) wrote:

Martin Nordholts wrote:
[..] I have
for a long time felt that layer modes is just a primitive and naive
way to achieve some kind of non-destructiveness.

yes, the evil plan which spun off my posting is to get rid of the layer mode concept.

funny enough I had realised before your mail rolled in that that is
impossible, for the following reason:

the layer mode controls the mathematical operation used compositing
of that layer. there is no _reasonable_ way (right now) to achieve
the same results in a different way. here the fundamentals of what
it does prove it to be unique.

peter sikking wrote:
maybe there are simply zero arguments to add modes...

each new mode adds one finer step for adjustment of blending characteristics.

If i want to darken a layer by itself, the curves tool allows nearly infinite different characteristics of darkening. If i want to darken a layer by another one, there are a total of 3(!) characteristics available: 'darken only', 'multiply' and 'burn'. Of course, there won't ever be enough layer modes, which is one reason why they have to die long- term...

no, your analogy is wrong.

layer mode sets the mathematical operation.

- if you want control over the strength,
  that is what layer opacity is for
- if you want fine control over the characteristics curve,
  use curves on the layer
- if you want to mask where what is used,
  use the layer mask

your thought of creating a 'tool' that could make this more hands-on
is intriguing though. give it a shot.

[..] but now I see that
[..] applying an adjustment layer [..]
[..] is completely valid, [..]

i'd like to take the same line:
if a layer is just a transparent sheet, and a composition is just a
projection of a stack of sheets, then it's most natural to insert
(photographic) filters in between. Say, a colorizing red glas
or a freaky effect lens, in general: an adjustment layer.

note that in the future a adjustment layer will be shown to be
the natural choice when the same adjustment needs to be made on
several (composited) layers. if it is one layer that needs an
adjustment 'just doing it' on the layer itself will be the
natural way.

keep coming with the evil plans, there are helping us.


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