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> Emil Assarsson wrote:
>> I have to say that I like B best. The ears are not that pointy and the
>> lines are smoother.
>> The mouth is good but the shape could be a little bit more rhythmic
>> with the other lines. Maybe to wide?
>> I like the wackiness of the uneven sized eyes that gives the
>> impression of a happiness close to madness ;-)
>> It's better than the staring eyes of C & D. The warmer orange brown is
>> nicer than the grayish.
>> I think that the black or white text is best because it balance that
>> big black nose more.
>> Great work!
>> --
>> Emil
>> On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 11:43 PM, Ismael Barros² <razielm...@gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>> We are FreeWear.org, we print and sell t-shirts with FOSS designs
>>> (Linux distros, desktops environments, etc) and donate to each
>>> organization a percentage of each sold article. We usually sell via
>>> website, but we can also be found in local FOSS-related events. We
>>> also cover special orders, like commemorative t-shirts for events.
>>> We've been conducting a poll about which T-shirts our customers want,
>>> and looks like GIMP is the most popular one (besides Ubuntu), so we'd
>>> like to improve our catalog with some GIMP stuff.
>>> We've taken the liberty of making some simple designs based on Wilber:
>>> http://www.freewear.org/images/release_candidates/propuesta_gimp.png
> &m2c;
> A unfinished ; B a joke ; C grey looks OK on black with white outline. D
> similarly looks better with outline.
> C,D mouth too big , too near to edge.

Thanks a lot for the hints

>>> There are some possibilities that look cool, and we would love to have
>>> some feedback on which design (A, B, C or D) and tee color (white or
>>> black) look best to you. Also, is the font okay? Is there any better
>>> font available out there for a GIMP logo?
>>> We'd be happy to know what you think :)
>>> About donations:
>>> With other organizations like Gnome or KDE, we've agreed that they
>>> link our website from theirs and we donate 3€ for each sold 14€
>>> t-shirt. If you don't want to place a link, you'd still receive some
>>> donation to thank you for letting us use your logo and name, but no
>>> fixed amount.
> Did I miss part of this discussion or is this what you regard as asking
> for permission to use the name and logo for some arbitrary unspecified
> sum? The wording suggests you will decide what you "donate".

Usually we formally ask for permission to use the names and logos for
our T-shirts, but in this case I've interpreted in
http://gimp.org/about/merchandise.html that permission is implicit,
and contact is appreciated:

>If you intend to produce and sell GIMP-related merchandise
>such as tee-shirts, pins or other gadets, we would appreciate
>being contacted before you create any modified version of
>artwork featured on this site such as Wilber, the GIMP mascot.

I just assumed there would be no problem with the permission and moved
on to the design phase.

> Maybe this permission was sought elsewhere. My apologies if that's the case.
> Not that you've spent a lot of time on the design but shouldn't this
> start with saying you have customers willing to pay $14 and how much
> would the project team accept for your profiting from their name and
> hard work?

We try to be egalitarian with all the organizations, and not to pay
one of them more than to the others, if we have the same kind of
agreement. That's why we tell every organization to donate them 3€ per
T-shirt if they are willing to link our website from their website
(like most of our customers do), and to donate them what we can/want
if they don't (like Debian).

Anyway, we're always open to negotiation.

> I would think anyone paying $14 may imagine they are donating  the
> profit on the sale to the project.
> It seems like the $3 is a sales donation for a direct link leading to a
> sale. Do you also make a donation if a Gimp referal leads to you selling
> a Ubuntu shirt ? How is all this followed.

It is not followed. I think it would be an overkill. What would be
correct, to pay the organization only if the T-shirt is bought after
having followed the link from the organization's website? I think that
would be wrong on many levels, better to keep it simple.

> I am not a member of the gimp team but I think you owe a bit more
> clarity and respect to those who's FREE work and brand prestige you wish
> to cash in on.

And we totally respect their work and effort. So far, the deal I've
proposed for the Gimp is exactly the same deal we've proposed to all
the other organizations we work with, and so far they've considered it
fair. It doesn't imply any risk for them (only for us, if the T-shirts
are not sold we lose money), except for a bad design that gives bad
publicity (and that's why we always make sure each design is okay
before selling it) and it gives them the possibility for some income,
besides the merchandise and publicity.

> Maybe you would like to explain better how your accountability for
> attributing sales and donations works. To and outsider it seems a bit
> opaque.

It's as simple as I've posted in the first email. For each sold
T-shirt we will donate $donation euros to The Gimp. If The Gimp team
agrees to link us from their website $donation will be 3€, and if they
don't we'll estimate what we can donate, but we'd always try to make
some donation, we want to support the organizations we work with. If
any specific detail needs to be clarified or modified, let me know.

> I'm sure it's just your small scale , easy-going way but the good
> manners of going about things the right way never hurts.
> Nice carousel you have for printing BTW. If all your shirts are 5 colour
> hand printed screen prints you should put that up front. It would help
> justify the price tag.

Heh, right, it's a bit of a pain, we're trying to expand to other
techniques so we can offer cheaper T-shirts, and more models.

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