Stephen Griffiths wrote:
> ... elision by Patrick
> The name GIMP is not so invaluable that it cannot be changed, also there
> is a massive number of outsiders who find the name truly unappealing, I
> do not hear the raw of the people saying they love the name.
You can hear my raw here.  I love the name.  It appeals to me as a geek 
(I'm sure that you really hate THAT word, so much more fraught with 
ill-meaning than gimp), as an artist, and as an open source advocate.  
All of those things make me a bit of an outsider in the world, but an 
insider here.  I think that the gimp is made for people like me, and we 
like the name.  Inside any of those communities, the work GIMP means a 
hell of a good open source image editing program, and there ARE no 
negative connotations.  It's just the way that we geeks find it amusing 
that there's another meaning of geek that would have us do strange to 
chickens.  We know what we mean, and if outsiders don't get it, they'll 
either remain outsiders, or eventually become cool and THEN they'll get 
it.  GIMP has panache.  (N.B. I don't mean the meaning of panache that 
signifies a bunch of feathers or a plume on a helmet.  I know some 
people get caught up in the idea that any possible definition of a word 
must be considered when communicating, but that's way too much trouble, 
and as someone earlier correctly suggested that I meant to say, silly.)

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