On Thu, 2009-10-29 at 15:27 -0700, Patrick Horgan wrote:
> Stephen Griffiths wrote:
> > ... elision by Patrick
> > The name GIMP is not so invaluable that it cannot be changed, also there
> > is a massive number of outsiders who find the name truly unappealing, I
> > do not hear the raw of the people saying they love the name.
> >   
> You can hear my raw here.  I love the name.  It appeals to me as a geek 
> (I'm sure that you really hate THAT word, so much more fraught with 
> ill-meaning than gimp)

You are not making noise without being prompted.

I didn't say I hated it (but there are those who do hate it), I just
stated that it was not clever.  Wordplay has for many years been
considered the highest form of humour, it has only become less accepted
as such in recent history.  I still accept wordplay to be high humour,
in this case I think GIMP is not very clever.

> there ARE no negative connotations.

gimp and GIMP. UPPERCASE and lowercase. I doubt you needed that
explained to you, but you did seem to play dumb there.

> We know what we mean
Is it wrong that a language be used for communication between more than
a small number of people?

> or eventually become cool
Is that what people think when they look this way "those guys are cool".
'Cool' is a social system only relevant in high-school.

> GIMP has panache.  (N.B. I don't mean the meaning of panache that
> signifies a bunch of feathers or a plume on a helmet.  I know some 
> people get caught up in the idea that any possible definition of a
> word 
> must be considered when communicating, but that's way too much
> trouble, 
> and as someone earlier correctly suggested that I meant to say,
> silly.)

I am glad you found some really sick definition of a word to make your
point.  My question is why didn't you just choose a simpler and more
descriptive word, a word that would not require 4 lines of explanation
to avoid confusion.

You should attempt to communicate in a simpler manner, because it looks
to me like this could have been said as "You have a point of view, boo,
that is stupid".

well, till next time,

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