Some nits ,some -- especially (2) and (4) -- bigger than others...

(1) The file->export dialogue action button says save, not export
    (sounds really minor but given the save/export changes, can actually
    be confusing)

(2) The default save location should not be ~/Documents in the case that
    a file has been imported - it should default to the directory
    containing the imported image (see the spec)

(3) in most programs, "save" mirrors "open", and "export" mirrors
    "import" - if GIMP is erally an XCF editor, "open" should work
    for .xcf and .xcf.gz files, and File->import should be there for
    the "rare" 99% case when you want e.g. to touch up a photo, and
    open a non-xcf file. So, please add file->import, with "import"
    as the label on the dialogue box. (I think?)

(4) images interfere with each other. E.g. open a colour image, and a
    grayscale one, and watch the colour one turn to grayscale whenever
    the grayscae one becomes active... and the grey one goes to RGB
    seemingly at random, too.  This and (2) are making it difficult
    to use GIMP right now.

(5) I'm not sure that the image title bar is up to spec at all times
    with respect to imported/exported. At any rate the little language
    for setting the image title in preferences probably needs to be
    expanded to include
    . the imported image name & (separately) folder
    . the last exported filename & (separately) folder
    . the (imported) / (exported) string

(6) There needs to be indication in the title bar (by
    default) of when an image has been exported/overwritten, not only
    immediately, but for the rest of the session, e.g. as
      *warmsock (*exported)
      warmsock (*exported)
      warmsock (exported)
      *warmsock (exported)
    depending on whether the image has been changed since last saved or
    exported respectively.  Not doing this means that people will lose
    work.  There have already been requests to get rid of the "file has
    not been saved" message when you close the image, since in most (no
    all) workflows it's bogus, as the exported image is the final
    product.  So, people get used to ignoring it even when they have
    not exported an image, and right now you can't esaily tell if you
    did or not.

(7) Martin is not allowed to wear shoes until (2) and (4) are fixed!

(8) The curves and levels dialogues look really snazzy in full-screen
    mode, composited against the layer.  Some problems with this
    (obviously incomplete) code...
    . no title on the doc, so may not always be obvious what it is
    . no way to drag the dock to a different part of the image
    . once docks are composited they stay that way, even after you
      leave full-screen mode. But they are not cmposited _before_ you
      go into full-screen mode, so I think it's a bug.

I can file bugzilla entries for these but probably not for a few days.


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