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Liam R E Quin wrote:
> (1) The file->export dialogue action button says save, not export
>     (sounds really minor but given the save/export changes, can actually
>     be confusing)


commit 5819c3c83a25de4b56360b9d9aa486433c7eaac4
Author: Martin Nordholts <mart...@src.gnome.org>
Date:   Sun Dec 6 08:58:27 2009 +0100

     app: Have an "Export" button, not "Save", in export dialogs

> (2) The default save location should not be ~/Documents in the case that
>     a file has been imported - it should default to the directory
>     containing the imported image (see the spec)

Hmm this seems to work for me, what is the exact step-by-step?

> (3) in most programs, "save" mirrors "open", and "export" mirrors
>     "import" - if GIMP is erally an XCF editor, "open" should work
>     for .xcf and .xcf.gz files, and File->import should be there for
>     the "rare" 99% case when you want e.g. to touch up a photo, and
>     open a non-xcf file. So, please add file->import, with "import"
>     as the label on the dialogue box. (I think?)

There is a benefit of enforcing a separation between save and export, 
but I don't see a big benefit of enforcing this kind of separation 
between open and import. Anyway, this is Peter's domain..

> (4) images interfere with each other. E.g. open a colour image, and a
>     grayscale one, and watch the colour one turn to grayscale whenever
>     the grayscae one becomes active... and the grey one goes to RGB
>     seemingly at random, too.  This and (2) are making it difficult
>     to use GIMP right now.

I'm not able to reproduce this either, what is the step-by-step?

> (8) The curves and levels dialogues look really snazzy in full-screen
>     mode, composited against the layer.

Do you mean 'Colors -> Curves...' and 'Colors -> Levels...' together 
with 'View -> Fullscreen'? Seems to work fine for me, what is the 
step-by-step? Are we even running the same version (git master)? :)

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