Liam R E Quin wrote:
> (1) File->New, make an RGB image, e.g. 377x233px in size.
>     paint a smiling face in red.
> (2) File->New, choose Advanced Options and make a grayscale image
>     (I made mine 377x233px).
> (3) Notice how the smile in the first image is now gray - you can make
>     the first image RGB again by going to it and hitting undo, but as
>     soon as you go back to the 2nd image, the 1st image goes grayscale
>     again.

I am still not able to reproduce this, following the step-by-step 
exactly, except I used a different image size. I cleaned my 
GIMP2_DIRECTORY first. It is weird that your default size is 377x233 
since that is not the default size in git master, you must have mixed 
the versions somehow. In git master the default size is 610x377 (which 
is what I used)

  / Martin


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