> Interesting patch, but it is unfortunately in the wrong direction.
> Non-destructive scaling needs to be implemented with GEGL and not by
> hijacking layer group semantics.
Thanks for the link on the patch format.  I'll look over that straight
away.  Would you explain how I should go about doing this with GEGL?  Do I
just need to change my approach in gimpgrouplayernd.*?  Since I am not
familiar with GIMP or GEGL development, a quick outline for what I need to
do and where I need to make my entry points would help me a great deal.

I am at this point looking for drop-in functionality.  I know that once GEGL
is fully integrated this type of approach would be obsolete.  I would be OK
with that *if* GEGL is not ready for this type of drop-in addition.  I would
also be happy to work on GEGL as well, but I need something I can use pretty
quickly.  I would be thankful for any direction you can provide.

Bugzilla: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=605017

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