After some googling, I found there have been some requests of 48 bit support in 
Gimp, but it doesn't seem to have high priority.

This week I really need to edit 48 bit images, without losing color precission. 
I'd really love to do it with Gimp because I'm very used to its workflow, but I 
had to use another (less comfortable) software.

So, given that I might need 48 bit again in the future, I add my vote to this 
feature request. Also, when 48 bit is implemented, if it's well coded, it 
wouldn't be difficult to also implement floating point color, which would also 
be a welcome feature.

(btw, yes, I know of Cinepaint, and I tried it, but it's pretty unstable on 

Merry Christmas to all and happy new year!!


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