Omari Stephens wrote:
> On 12/31/2009 10:57 AM, Sven Neumann wrote:
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>> You are free to start working on it today. GEGL needs more contributors
>> and there is also a lot that can be done in GIMP today working towards
>> the goal of better GEGL integration.
> As the GEGL website is down, is there somewhere folks can look to see 
> what sorts of things need to be done, and (perhaps) what skillsets are 
> required?  If not, what can interested folks do to figure out how they 
> can get involved and contribute?
> --xsdg

Quite a bit of things is done already. The color tools have been ported, 
the image projection has been ported, i.e. the image is represented as a 
GEGL graph. On the top of my head, here is things that still needs to be 

* Add an infrastructure to allow layers to have an automatically managed 
* Color manage GEGL buffers
* Add infrastructure for higher bit depths. For example, can we afford 
to always store data in 128bit RGBA or will that occupy too much memory?
* Use mipmapping techniques when doing image operations such as 
painting, so that it is possible to paint with a large brush in a large 
image while zoomed out. I expect this to require changes both to GEGL 
and GIMP
* Add glue code so that we can use the old plug-ins, in particular the 
file plug-ins, with GEGL
* Move out image processing from the event thread, we don't want to 
block the main loop/event loop like we do now, even if we process the 
image in chunks
* Replace TileManager with GeglBuffer

As you know, the end goal is high bit-depth and non-destructive editing. 
 From that you can extrapolate further things that needs to be done.

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