Sorry if this sounds very newbie-ish; I'm somehow new to GIMP plugin 
development. Is there any quick way to copy a drawable in memory, in order to 
manipulate it, and then manipulate the original again? Basically, what I'm 
trying to do is transforming an image in a few different ways (every time using 
the original image) using gimp_drawable_transform_matrix_default, keeping 
results in memory, and then putting all these results in one image, which would 
be sent back to the core.

Also, I believe I misunderstand something about the behavior of 
gimp_drawable_transform_matrix_default : somehow I don't seem to be able to use 
it, and then immediately use it again on the result. Do I have to flush the 
drawable, or something among those lines?

Thank you all!

François Gingras
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