On Fri, 2010-01-08 at 23:04 -0500, François Gingras wrote:

> They say images are worth a thousand words... So what I'm basically
> trying to do is turn this image:
> http://mat.ulaval.ca/~fgingras/misc/1.png
> into this one:
> http://mat.ulaval.ca/~fgingras/misc/2.png

Do you have to do it on hundreds of images? A simple script
will suffice and you could use gimp in batch mode.  Or even
use Imagemagick to do scaling.  In gimp in script-fu you'd
use gimp-drawable-transform-scale-default, if I understand
what you are trying to do.

If the images are coming from a font you could also have the
font scaled before rendering it -- e.g. use fontforge, or just
assign a new fontmatrix in fontconfig (assuming Linux).

(if you're doing it for a Web page, note that most of the
newest Web browsers can do transformations too now, using CSS)

Hope this helps.


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