I have some experience with using glade/libglade to program UIs (gtk
builder should be the same or better), so I wanted to chime in even if
I'm a few days late on it.

On Sat, 2010-01-09 at 11:21 +0100, peter sikking wrote:
> however,
> let it be really clear that I will _not_ entertain the following
> excuses in the future:

IMO there's no need for that:

> "your UI design cannot be build with the builder/declarative way."
> "that layout can only be start-up/compile time static, because of
> the builder/declarative way."

In the program, you can do the same things with a widget from gtk
builder as you can with a manually coded widget. From the POV of the
programmer in the application, there's no difference once a widget
object exists. Dynamic interaction in widgets needs to be programmed in
the application (as usual).

> "that custom widget cannot be used with the the builder/declarative  
> way."

AIUI, you can make custom widgets known to gtk builder and use it like
normal gtk/gnome widgets.

> "theoretically we could write some code for that special interaction,
> but then we could not maintain it in the the builder/declarative way."

"Special interaction" would need special code anyway. As gtk builder is
for taking care mainly of the "view" side of things (read: arrange
widgets in a UI instead of with code), and only partly for the
"controller" (map signals to callbacks), this doesn't hurt really.
Again, you can do anything with these widgets that you can do with
traditionally coded ones. You can still connect signals to callbacks in
the code (you don't have to do it in glade), you still need to code your
own callbacks.

> "yes that looks shit on platform xyz but we cannot do anything about
> it through the builder/declarative way."

I can't imagine why something looking shit would be due to the use of
glade/gtk builder. Maybe I'm a bit unimaginative ;-).

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