Sven Neumann wrote:
> I don't think that donations can speed up GIMP development. On the
> contrary, paying some developers for their work is more likely going to
> demotivate others.

Since I think this is an important issue and since we are not that many 
developers, we don't need to guess, we can just ask everyone to give 
their thoughts on this.

Personally I would be _encouraged_ to further contribute to GIMP if GIMP 
had someone working full time. Having someone working full time on GIMP 
would mean that the development speed of GIMP would significantly 
increase, and it will be more fun to contribute to a project that is 
moving fast than it is to contribute to a project moving slowly, like 
GIMP is.

We often point out to people that GIMP is lacking contributors. Maybe 
the lack of contributors is a side effect of how the project currently 
is run with regards to money? Maybe being less restrictive about 
introducing economic incentives to hack on GIMP could give us more 
contributors and quicker development? Given that GIMP development is not 
currently where we'd want it to be, I think these are questions that 
needs to be considered.

  / Martin


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