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Sven Neumann <s...@gimp.org> wrote:

> We most urgently need a developer interested in improving color
> management. If we have such a developer, we can certainly use such
> devices.

I don't think that I have enough C knowledge here (or specifically, GTK 
knowledge), but I see that you do have a volunteer.
> > More significantly it was mentioned elsewhere that the wiki needed
> > "managing". What does this entail? Keeping a watchful eye on new
> > entries? Checking spelling? Validating new users?
> That and keeping the Wiki free of Spam.

This I can do. Do you need "references"? Should I just sign up as a normal 
user? I'm trying to connect to wiki.gimp.org at the minute and it's timing out 
the connection. Attempts to ping it result in

>From soda-10g-edge.EECS.Berkeley.EDU ( icmp_seq=2 Destination 
>Host Unreachable

If someone could get the wiki connected to the net again, I'll gladly assume 
responsibility for keeping it clean.

Jon Senior <j...@restlesslemon.co.uk>
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