> Once a user starts to use jpeg they have to decide what to do with
> "quality" setting. Bigger number = better quality is not too hard to get
> your head around. A bit of experimenting quickly reveals what works best
> for a particular task.
> You quickly realise what ranges don't fit your needs and focus on those
> that do. End of story.
> I see no use what so ever in creating some new, grouped setting in its
> place. This would essentially involve exactly the same learning process
> and reduce control and compromise results.

What could be an option is to have named presets.

Right now, you can save the JPG settings for later use in exactly one preset.

Depending on the task, you may want to have different presets, so naming the 
presets and being able to recall them later when you do a similar task could 
perhaps be quite useful.

In such a case, Gimp could also ship with 2-3 default JPG presets which are 
optimized for a specific task, like photo lab image, web image, etc. to make it 
easier for the first-time (or occasional) Gimp user to get started with the JPG 


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