On Tue, 2010-03-09 at 22:22 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:

> ............... So what I want to understand is .........
> - In Gimp, I understand that an image without an embedded color space is
> treated as if it had an embedded sRGB color space.

Not completely. It is assumed to be in sRGB. That assumption means that
the display code (with color management enabled) will use the sRGB
built-in color profile to interpret the image data. The image still does
not have a profile attached and that makes a difference when it is
saved. What exactly happens when it is saved depends on the file format
you are saving to.

> - BUT, when that image (without a previously embedded color space) is
> edited and saved in Gimp, is there any "embedding" or "assigning" or
> "tagging" of color space being done it the user does not explicitly
> assign a color space?

As said above, this depends on the implementation of the file export
plug-in. IIRC pretty much all file plug-ins will not tag or embed
anything if the image does not have a color profile attached. The PNG
plug-in however will tag the image with an sRGB tag. It does not embed a
color profile, it just sets a flag saying that the image should be
interpreted as sRGB. This particular behavior of the PNG plug-in is
debatable and could be considered a bug.

> - And do the words "embedding" or "assigning" or "tagging" mean the same
> thing in this context?

No, but that should have become evident already.


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