2010/3/10 Aurimas Juška
> Hi,
> 2010/3/10 Rob Antonishen
>> What is the format for this?  If I wanted to distribute (for example)
>> a set of pre-tagged patterns, could this be done currently in the dev
>> build?
> There is no such feature yet. The idea is a simple archive of resouces
> + tags + possibly some metadata.  When resource package is dragged on
> GIMP it would install where necessary. Some tool to create such
> packages would be good too. However, first tag file format would have
> to be standardized a bit so that resource packages could be used not
> only in GIMP.
> Additional ideas are welcome.
> Regards,
> Aurimas

Thanks for the response.  So where/how are tags stored now?  In a
separate rc fil somewhere?

-Rob A>
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