2010/3/10 Aurimas Juška <aurimas.ju...@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> 2010/3/9 Olivier <oleca...@gmail.com>:
> > With regards to useful extensions to this feature, it seems to me that
> the
> > most important one is the capability to tag several resources at the same
> > time, for example using combinations of the Ctrl and Shift keys while
> > clicking. In fact, this feature is useful mainly when you have a lot of
> > brushes, for example, and it would be a burden to have to tag several
> > hundreds of them.
> I have just commit such feature into development version. In you
> choose 'View as list' in any data view you can select multiple in
> usual way. Common set of tags for all selected items is displayed in
> assign tags box. If you add/remove tags there, all selected objects
> are updated accordingly. It is possible that in the future this
> feature will be available in other views and more actions might be
> available on multiple items at a time.
> Thanks a lot, this adds something very useful, and strongly improves the
usability of the whole thing.

>  > A useful feature, in the same vein, would be to store resources in
> > sub-folders of the normal folder, and to give them automatically a tag
> > depending on the name of the sub-folder. Maybe also this could help the
> idea
> > of lazy loading that you mention: a given sub-folder would be loaded only
> if
> > the corresponding tag is used as a filter.
> I think tags are more flexible than folders. You can put a thing in
> only one folder (category) while tagging solution allows to assign any
> number of tags (categories, keywords) that should make it easier to
> find an item you're searching for.

I explained my idea poorly, let's try again. Suppose you find somewhere a
large set of interesting brushes, which you plan to use some times, but not
always. You install them in a sub-folder of your brushes folder, and choose
for this sub-folder a meaningful name. Then, maybe depending on some
explicit action, you would ask to import these brushes, giving to them as a
first tag their sub-folder name. This would not prevent you to add to them
other tags later, but it would automatically categorize them, and you could
look at them in the brushes dialog simply by placing their tag in the filter
field. By the way, it would also be useful, especially in this case, to have
a negative filter, i.e. filter the resources that don't have a given tag.
Olivier Lecarme
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