>> > A useful feature, in the same vein, would be to store resources in
>> > sub-folders of the normal folder, and to give them automatically a tag
>> > depending on the name of the sub-folder. Maybe also this could help the
>> > idea
>> > of lazy loading that you mention: a given sub-folder would be loaded
>> > only if
>> > the corresponding tag is used as a filter.
>> I think tags are more flexible than folders. You can put a thing in
>> only one folder (category) while tagging solution allows to assign any
>> number of tags (categories, keywords) that should make it easier to
>> find an item you're searching for.
> I explained my idea poorly, let's try again. Suppose you find somewhere a
> large set of interesting brushes, which you plan to use some times, but not
> always. You install them in a sub-folder of your brushes folder, and choose
> for this sub-folder a meaningful name. Then, maybe depending on some
> explicit action, you would ask to import these brushes, giving to them as a
> first tag their sub-folder name. This would not prevent you to add to them
> other tags later, but it would automatically categorize them, and you could
> look at them in the brushes dialog simply by placing their tag in the filter
> field. By the way, it would also be useful, especially in this case, to have
> a negative filter, i.e. filter the resources that don't have a given tag.
> --
> Olivier Lecarme

Olivier -

Take a look at the GURM python plugin http://registry.gimp.org/node/13473

This is what I use currently for managing my patterns, brushes, and
gradients.  The only drawback for me is that it only supports a single
(flat) directory structure.  If it were enhanced to allow selection of
folders and subfolders then it would be extremely useful, rather than
just really useful ;)

I am not sure, however, if such a tool will work well with tagging as
I do not know if once resources are unloaded the tag information is
discarded and lost the next time the resources are loaded...

-Rob A>
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