Stephen McKeague wrote:

> My name is Stephen McKeague and I am very interested in implementing  
> the Free Transform Tool in GIMP for this years Google Summer of  
> Code, originally proposed by Martin Nordholts.  The project  
> information page seems to still be offline, so I would like to  
> discuss the bounds of the project.

yes, it would give you quite a complete overview of how I see that  
tool working,
I hope the site can be up soon.

meanwhile, try this google cache:

however, last week I have updated the design of the shear and  
transform handles and all opcities:
<> and

this of course triggers a big update of the spec. there are also some
rough edges in the spec that need to be defined: like when the frame is
partially in view, or no edge of the frame is in view.

btw: getting the opacity part working may need some serious grunt work.
ask the developers about it.
> Since the functionality is obviously in place for rotate, scale  
> sheer and perspective separately, they could be combined in a  
> Photoshop like fashion for the Free Transform Tool, presumably using  
> shortcut keys to specify the details of the required transform.
The new transform tool is indeed a combined transform tool: move,  
scale, shear, perspective.
> Since the GUI would have to be amended to include the new tool,  
> would it be a good idea to have the icons for both a Free Transform  
> and the existing separate transforms beside each other?  This would  
> possibly result in too much feature duplication but I would like to  
> hear your thoughts on the matter along with anything else relating  
> to the project.
see my intro in the spec. but the short version is: the combined tool is
"to supersede the move, scale and shear tools" and should be  
by expert rotate and perspective tools. the flip tool is a goner.


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