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> Gino D wrote:
> as I said yesterday, this new-layer-from-clipboard workflow
> needs attention too. user efficiency (speed!) and flexibility
> are important here. one aspect (as Gino points out) is default
> placement of the paste on the new layer.

I've already switched my keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V to be associated
with 'paste as new layer' rather than the 'pasted selection' that is
default. This works almost right but...

> but in the majority of cases it will be in the 'wrong' position
> and it needs to be moved to be 'right'.

Paste to new layer currently pastes the copied pixels in the top-left.
I think Gino suggested that it be changed to 'centered'. It sounds
like you are saying it should be pasted to the exact location where it
was copied from. I agree. The pasted pixels should end up exactly
where I copied them from.

> sounds like the solution is actually to have the new layer appear with the
> paste anchored in the default position, but with a selection
> around it active (same shape as used for floating paste) and
> the upcoming combined transform tool as active tool for
> moving, sizing and deforming.

Not sure about this. I actually think the selection should be removed.
When you copy/paste text in a text editor the pasted result is just
text, not 'selected' text. Besides, if the pasted result is on a new
layer there should be no need for a selection. The entire layer is
dedicated to the previously selected pixels, so you should be able to
manipulate the layer without the need for the initial selection.

-Jason Simanek
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