I've been following this with interest.

To play with it, I created a script:

It registers as Edit->Paste As->New Centered Layer

This script will paste the contents of the buffer as follows:
- If there is a selection, it will paste it as a new layer, centered
on that selection.
- If no selection, it will paste it as a new layer above the active
layer, centered on the active layer.
- If no active layer, it will paste it as a new layer at the top of
the image stack, centered on the canvas.

I bound this to ctrl-v and played for a while and it feels pretty
intuitive.  One "feature" is that if you make a selection and go
ctrl-x, ctrl-v it pastes the cut out bit exactly where it was cut out
from, which makes sense.

Note that it will not do any clipping, and will always past the full
contents of the clipboard buffer as a layer, regardles of selection ,
canvas, or active layer sizes.

-Rob A>
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