Michael Schumacher wrote:
Von: Alexander Rabtchevich<alexander.v.rabtchev...@iaph.bas-net.by>
I haven't tried yet linux version, but Windows one does not show
anything in a pop-up window for plugin previews (the window is grey).
Can't reproduce.
Look at the navigation window. It is grey regardless GEGL preview is enabled or not.
And UFRaw stopped working complaining entry point for the procedure
BZ2_bzRead is not found.
Different version of the bz2 library, I guess.
The above message is shown when gimp plugin is used.

"Entry point for the procedure g_assertion_message_expr is not found in the library lbglib-2.0-0.dll" is shown when a standalone UFRaw version is launched - it uses its own bzip2.dll. Is there a way to overcome that?

With respect,
Alexander Rabtchevich

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