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> Sergey i tried the installer
> and i could not see how cancel or skip unistalling
> Judging from messages i see here

Once the uninstaller is running, there's no way to cancel it - it
wouldn't make any sense anyway, since some files are already deleted
at that time, and there's no way to bring them back. This is why the
installer displays a warning before it starts. However, since you are
apparently the third person who ignored that dialog, I guess I'll have
to bring the checkbox back.

> Sure?
>  most (if not all) of third party plugin are not compiled for 64 bit but only
> for 32 so many may prefer run a 32 bit gimp even if a 64 bit version could be
> available

By default, the 64-bit version installs everything needed to run
32-bit plug-ins as well (in fact, the 64-bit version always uses
32-bit TWAIN plug-in, since the 64-bit one doesn't work).

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