For not clear reasons the Windows installer of 2.7.1
force unistall of previous version of gimp

Apparently no way to skip unistall, or to cancell unistall/install process 

The point is i can't see any reason to force unistall,
the 2 version create 2 different gimp folder in the user directory...and for
the rest seems run well alongside

about the question on ufraw and thor reply

>But be aware then that telling about it might inspire random, more
>clueless, other people to repeat the trick without really knowing what
>they are doing.

reply is correct but replacing intl.dll with libintl-8.doesn't not create
problem only with ufraw

But with most, almost all "extra" plugins without intl.dll they all (except
Gmic, including Gap-2.6)
abort at loding time with error messages

Only solution i could find is adding back intl.dll,
(not renaming libintl-8, just add bact intl.dll )

Do you think may be a better solution?
Advice all plugin writers to remap all the calls to intl to libintl may be
pratical in long term to port plugins to gimp 2.8

but will not solve any of present problem

As far i could test add back that intl.dll has no practical adverse side

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